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Ireland Farms Saanichton, BC

Ireland Farms, Saanichton, BC
When you buy locally in Saanichton BC, directly from Saanichton area markets and farms, you help support your local Saanichton economy and in return you will get the freshest, best-tasting food available and help reduce the production of greenhouse gasses.

Ireland Farms
Producers of "Naturally Raised Organic Meats": Beef - Chicken - Pork - Lamb - Turkey & Raw Natural Pet Food! All our products naturally produced. Free range, not confined like commercial barns, no antibiotics or growth stimulants, no 'force-fed' diets. Third generation farmers with professional training in food production and processing. We follow HAACP criteria to ensure a top quality, food-safe product. Products produced seasonally (Spring/Fall): advance/minimum orders required.

If you have health or humane concerns about today's foods & long for the same quality foods your grandparents had, consider our Naturally Raised Organic Meats! Thanks.

Ireland Farms
1910 Meadowbank Road
Saanichton, BC
V8M 1X9
Ph: 250-652-3251

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